Turkey Lurkey

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road?
A: I have no idea.  What happened to the chicken?

I went out for a run this morning.  I ran almost the whole way, which is really good.  My heart rate was also really good which I find encouraging because last week I couldn't run a mile and keep it under 160 bpm.  I guess I'm feeling better.  I warmed up the first half-mile, then ran except walking up the hills.  I did a cool down at the end with some dynamic stretching. 

Today's was "the wildlife run".  I love nature.  I saw Egrets, Blue Herons, a suspected Muskrat, a Turkey and some other stuff.  Blue Herons are my favorite bird.  I love summer because there are so many around.  The two egrets together made me think of Mom and Dad because of something Mom said before she left.  And the Turkey was funny.  And the easiest to photograph. 

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