Weekend Workouts: Spring is here!

It's legit.  I'm calling it.  Spring is here.  We are still waiting on an official ice out for most of our lakes, but the snow is gone.  I hope it stays that way.  I had some heavy workouts at the beginning of this week, then a bunch of slow days in the middle to let myself rest for the 25K on Saturday.  (It was a hard race.)  No weight lifting and no Zumba this week.  Sigh.

Sunday        6 Miles
Monday       6 Miles     3 Miles walk
Tuesday       1.18 Miles
Wednesday  1.26 Miles
Thursday      3 Miles
Friday          1.26 Miles
Saturday      15.82 Miles, 1 mile cool down, 15 minutes foam rolling

I did all of my running outside this week.  Sunday and Monday were an out and back, and Thursday I was on the Greenway.  I am starting heart rate monitor training.  It did not go well in the 25K so I stopped looking at the heart rate monitor, but on the shorter runs in the neighborhood it's been really useful, and makes me feel way less guilty about power walking up some of those hills.

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