Weekend Workouts: Recovery Week

This week was a step back week, and I used Sunday and Monday to rest from the 25K I'd run on Saturday.  A week down seemed like the best idea since I have a half marathon coming up next week.  (Who planned this?) 

It also seemed like a good week to start with 'the counting of the calories'.  The goal 'net calories' is around 1550, as told to me by my app Lose It.  I've used this app before.  For me, the most important thing is to write down the food intake every day.  Actually tracking the food intake was the hardest habit to form.  The app also taught me not to get discouraged if I'm 'over' net calories some of the time.  It tends to even out and it's not worth freaking out over 100 calories here and there.

My favorite workout was Wednesday morning, running on the track and then Yoga.  Yoga left me feeling like a pancake.  Tingly and relaxed in all the right ways.  My least favorite workout was Thursday.  Sometimes running is great and sometimes it just leaves me looking for a bush to hide behind.  Hilariously, Thursday did lead to some of my favorite pictures of the week.

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