Weekend Workouts

I'm over February.  March is starting without getting above 0* and a record low temp of -14*, so it's not much better.  I miss running outside.  Sigh.

Sunday: Actually did run outside, just one mile.  I should have liked being out there but it was cold.  It took me 'till the run was almost over to be happy about it. Because I am a grump.

Monday: I woke up at the crack of dawn.  I thought I had time to run 6 miles, but had an upset stomach and only lasted 5.5 miles but then did some foam rolling.  Foam rolling is always a good thing.  At the end of the day I convinced Nathan to take me to Quangs for Pho.  Pho is always a good thing too.

Tuesday: I'd planned to do an elliptical workout but wound up doing intervals on the track instead.  Once I started to run my mile, I just felt so good I didn't want to leave the track.  I ran out of time and wasn't really able to stretch afterwards.  Sigh.

Wednesday: I use this as a planned long run day.  Sadly it was colder than hell so there was no way I was going outside.  Instead I ran five miles on the track and then headed over to the elliptical for a long workout with an even heart rate around 145.  I was shocked when I got off the elliptical and I'd gone 5.5 miles and wasn't hurting at all.  Awesome.  I had a 20 minute stretch session afterwards which was equally awesome.

Thursday: I'd planned to run a mile or two and then go to Body Pump.  Instead I ran 3 miles (no matter what Nike says about this day) and then went to Circuit.  I skipped Zumba because I didn't know who the teacher would be and I was already feeling tired.

Friday: I got up before 5:30am which was way too early.  I'd planned on running 5 miles but had another timing issue and badly wanted to stretch afterwards.  Instead I ran 4 miles and had a nice foam roll.  As always, it was worth it.

Saturday: I was already in the mood for a step back week.  So I skipped Zumba and Body Pump, and ran a mile, then walked a couple laps around the track.  Because again, I am a grump.

Breakdown for the week:
25.4 miles running - all on the track except one measly mile on Sunday
1 mile walking
5.5 miles elliptical
36 minutes stretching
55 minutes cicruit

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