Weekend Workouts: Trail Runs for All

This week was my last normal mileage week before race week.  I started the week off feeling pretty run down, not believing I'd get in all of my workouts.  Weather was also a participating factor in making it hard to be outside most of the time.

Sunday: I was inside, running laps around the track.  Slowly.  I walked a mile cool down and talked to Dad on the phone.

Monday: I ran a couple miles on the track and then had a nice foam roll afterwards.  Monday was my day off and most of the time was taken up by a mattress delivery and then figuring out where to donate an old mattress frame.  (Tip: Most places do not accept mattress frames but Bridging does and they will love you forever if you bring them your stuff.)  I also found my new pharmacy, one of about six locations in the entire Twin Cities that I'm allowed to use.  I was feeling fairly run down by the end of the day so I convinced Nathan to have Indian food with me.  That turned out to be the best decision ever and it made my whole week better.

Tuesday: I was re-energized from all the Indian food the night before (still full too), and had a nice longer run on the track.  Six miles running, a mile walking cool down and a nice long stretch afterwards.

Wednesday: I had a 3 mile run outside at the end of my work day.  "Run" may be too strong a word for what happened because the last third of the workout was at my 'don't poop your pants' pace.  Success! It was windy and fairly miserable.  I picked that spot to run because it was either go for a run or sit in rush hour traffic.  I had a 20 minute stretch when I got home.

Thursday: I had a loooong workout.  I ran 2 miles on the track and then walked 1 mile.  All the time I got to see the Minneapolis kids having a track meet.  Inside.  Because Minnesota.  Next up I went to Body Pump and lifted weights for an hour.  And then it was time to Zumba.  I'd been missing Zumba because it's not fitting into my new work and life schedule.  I had a blast.

Friday: I woke up early in the morning and ran my mile outside.  It was icy.  And dark.  I wore my headlamp and reflective vest.  After the run, I spent some time with my foam roller.  I had a dinner date with a friend and wound up riding my bike there and back.  I'm not going to lie, I love the beer at this place and didn't really know what kind of night it was going to be.  Answer: three beer night.

Saturday: I wasn't really sure if I was going to have a run after all the beer the night before.  I had a lazy morning and a nice breakfast and did ultimately have the energy for a run.  I set off for a 13 mile run on a dirt trail and had a blast.  At the end of the run I stretch out a bit.  (And was made totally self conscious when some cyclist was all 'downward dog - yeah, way to go!)  In the evening I had another long stretch out session and then a hot bath with epsom salts.  Thanks here to Chris for the suggestion when I said I wished I had a muscle relaxer.

Totals for the week:
Run: 32.55 miles
Walk: 3.5 miles
Elliptical: 0 miles
Stretch: 81 minutes (wahoo!)
Lift weights: 60 minutes
Bike: 3 miles (to the bar and back on Friday)

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