Step back week - part 1

I am "training" for two spring races.  The Trail Mix 25K and the Get in Gear Half Marathon.  Since I'm "in training" I do have a plan that includes step back or 'rest' weeks.  This step back week couldn't have had been timing, becuase I'm worn out from some other (very good) things going on right now.   I am still running every day.  I'm also noticing that I'm getting faster, or at least this week is faster, and that feels very unlikely to me.

Sunday I did not watch the Super Bowl.  I did go a one mile run.  This is not one of the 'fast' runs that I was talking about.  I was wearing Yak Trax at the time and it was snowy, so I'm okay with what happened.

Monday I had an early end to training.  (Because I'm fast at trainings on a computer apparently.)  I went over to the gym and did my mile on the track.  Okay, that time for a warm up mile is a bit fast for me, but not unheard of.  I wanted to keep moving but the dry air on the track was giving my sinuses a bad way to go.  Instead I went and rode a bike for 45 minutes.  According to the bike I rode for 12.1 miles. 

Tuesday I woke up bright and early. Let me emphasize the early.  I did four miles on the track at the gym.  I kept feeling okay, but not super fast, and not like I was working very hard.  It's a rest week after all.  When I ended the workout and looked at my phone for the recap, I doubted everything I saw.  I really didn't feel like I was moving at that pace. 

Wednesday I honestly had plans to run seven miles.  But it did not happen.  Because sometimes runners view sleep as part of their training.  I did get my one mile in, including a fall on the ice.  Like Tuesday, I very much doubt that mile time (which includes the fall), but it was GPS tracked so it's probably legit.  Bonus photo of me when I realize I saw what I'd done this week.

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