Run: Time To Go Outside

This morning started off with several inches of snow.  Technically blizzard conditions.  I just had to drive to another person's house and then she handled the driving to four different visits today.  Also, I wound up pushing her car up a hill.  No joke.  The actual exercise came later in the day.

It was nice and warm (finally) so instead of heading to the gym after work, I headed over to Lake Nokomis. I wound up making two laps of the lake, sort of, for a total of 5.2 miles.  The first lap of the lake was uber slushy but then the plow man came along and cleaned up the path and my second lap was much more pleasant.  The sun was setting as I was running around, and I managed to grab a few shots.  Also, proof the sun did come out today.

After the run, I hacked up a lung. No. Seriously.  When that was all done, I had a nice stretching session.  I took about 20 minutes loosening up all kinds of muscles including my calves, hip flexors, and my back.  I feel like Gumby now and it's pretty awesome.

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