Sunday: Long Run

It was a whopping 40* today, which meant I headed out for a long run.  Since I now I have not one but two spring races I'm planning to run, I need to keep on top of things. Today was an eight mile run.  Everything is still snow covered and I'm a bit lazy, so I decided to do this one with some run/walk intervals.  I did 5:00 running, 1:00 walking until about mile three; then did 17:00 running, 1:00 walking once, then 11:00 running, 1:00 walking about three rounds, and ended again with 5:00 running and 1:00 walking.  I picked those particular intervals becuase my app is set to 5:00/1:00, and the longer intervals just involved skipping 1 or 2 walk breaks. As you can tell from the splits, I was in exactly no hurry.

I saw Lake Hiawatha, Minnehaha Creek and the River on my run.  I carried a spare camera with me and took bazillions of photos.  I saw ice fishers, hockey players, skaters, dog walkers, runners, and bikers out today.  I think the bikers were particularly happy to be out playing.  As I was running without a hat or gloves, I had this proud feeling of having survived winter.  Although I kept trying to tell myself that there's still plenty of cold left to come.

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