2013 In Running

I was checking out this post and the title caught my eye.  How many miles did you run in 2013? I actually know the answer to that question.  Last year I tried a new thing with the training log related to a savings plan.  Because of the changes, I have all my training data for 2013 in one place.  Excellent. 

Total miles: 1,421.18; Goal was 1,000
Total miles run: 1,278.266666666 (the fraction has to do with running on a track that's 1/6 of a mile).  Running miles includes outdoor, indoor track and treadmill.  Goal was to run at least 1 mile per day. 
Total miles walked: 70.6  No specific goal.
Total 'miles' on the elliptical: 72.83333333 (I really thought that number would be higher)  No specific goal.
Weekly average miles: 27.33 miles per week

Another perk of this training log is having good information about scheduling running.  In 2013 apparently Monday was my rest day and Wednesday was a second day of slackerdom.  Friday was my 'long run' day most weeks, so it should be the highest. This totally coincides with my work schedule too.  Currently, Mondays are usually a 10 hour day and I have Fridays off.

For cross training, I measured in minutes across all kinds of activities. I did most of my cross training in Circuit Class and Zumba (it's excellent for hip strength, as well as lateral stability) on Thursdays and Saturdays. Not much happened those other days.  I was probably out running instead.

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