Running Playlists of the Week

This has been a serious week of indoor running.  Because it's cold here.  Once the temperatures were starting with a minus sign, I really don't like to be outside.  And it's windy.  Running in the wind makes me grumpy at almost any temperature.  So...

Monday I did roughly 3 miles on the track, in the middle of the work day.  I worked several hours, went to the gym around 4pm to beat the rush hour madness, and then went home and worked several more hours.  It was actually a really long day.
Tuesday I did a morning run at the gym, another 3 miles.  I'm not going very big on mileage right now.  It was a weird day because I saw a car slide through the intersection and crash right in front of me.  Ever notice how that always throws a harsh spin on the day?
Wednesday I got up and went to the gym thinking I was going to do 4 miles, then "maybe 3" and then "let's do 2" and wound up being just over 1 mile.  I just couldn't get moving and made the decision to call it a day.  Good thing too because I got the last shower with hot water at the gym before they ran out.
Thursday I purposefully ran just over a mile so I could save myself for Circuit and Zumba.  I'm finally getting my energy back in Zumba, jumping more and doing more intense versions of the moves.

My running play lists played a big role in these runs.  I even made the effort on Thursday to drag out my ear buds and plug them in for that quick run.  Here's what's been on the iPod lately.

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