Let's Run a 10K in the snow and ice!

Yes, folks, it's time for the Dreidel Dash.  For past reports, check out 2009 when I stopped and walked in a 5K, 2010 which has really good pictures, 2011 when I had to go to the bathroom the whole time, and 2012 when the race was cancelled so St Paul could plow the streets instead.  Sigh.

Snow was bound and determined to play a role in this year's race too.  We had several inches of snow earlier this week.  Our friends at the City of St Paul did their usual crack job of plowing the streets (anyone who has driven in St Paul can hear the sarcasm).  Then it started snowing on race day with a few inches predicted.  Excellent.

The starting area for the race is inside which is important because we all stood inside until roughly 12:27pm (race starts at 12:30pm).  It was around 12:45pm that we all went back inside because someone hadn't closed the road.  (I can guess where the problem was becuase it's not a screw up the race management company would make.)  While it was annoying, it wasn't totally surprising.  But I digress.  The 10K race is really tiny, as shown by all the people lined up at the starting line. 

I think the race actually started around 12:50pm, on an out and back course.  The half way mark is the start line of the 5K race, which did start on time.  It created a bit of an issue with two way traffic on a fairly icy street.  I was far enough back that the 5K runners and walkers had spread out a bit and I was able to find my way though them.  On the 'back' of the out and back I caught up with a couple friends and ran in with them.  The worst footing on the course was the final 400 yards.  One minute we were hauling tail trying to finish.  The next we were slipping and sliding and trying not to fall down with everyone watching.  It's too bad they don't have it on video. My time this year was 1:10:11, which is a full two minutes faster than the last time I ran this race.  It's either not having to poop the whole time, or better training, or a combination of both.  Even with the snow this was a more pleasant experience than that last race.

At the finish line I met up with the rest of the team and some other racers and friends.  They were all super impressed by the ice that had formed on my face and in my hair.  I didn't know about my hair until I saw the pictures later.  We congratulated each other, took lots of pictures and then went inside to hear the results.  One of our runners took first in her age group.  To no one's surprise she'd already left so I collected her medal for her.  Maggie tested it out, just to make sure it worked.  Then on to the games.  On the 'hammer of strength' Lucinda gave it a good go but I was the only one able to ring the bell.  It's all in the hips I say. After that we were all starting to shiver from being in cold, sweaty race clothes for too long so we called it a day and headed home.

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