Running Cincinnati

Thursday also known as Halloween I woke up at the crack of dawn and ran 7 miles.  Before the sun came up.  In the cold.  And I had to stop to go to the bathroom.   In a dark port-o-potty.  It was an auspicious start to the day.

I had to get the run in because I had a flight at a weird time of the day.  The Minneapolis airport was packed.  The flight was bumpy but we can't blame changes in air pressure on the pilots, much as we try.  When I got home, we hit Skyline and then drove to Portsmouth to see Grandma for the night.  In an hilarious turn of events, Grandma's Christmas decorations are already up.  I promise you, it wasn't her idea.

Friday we came home from Grandma's.  I went for a Cincinnati style hill run around lunch time.  Hills.  Mom and I went to a restaurant she likes but Dad won't go to.  Then we saw Ault Park and the Krohn Conservatory.  In the evening we headed over to the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park for dinner and a show for my uncle's birthday.  Also, Qat Lady would want me to tell you that I saw Marge.

Saturday I went for a run first thing.  This was my shortest run of the trip.  It was in the dark too.  It's a long story why I went to a training for CEUs while on my vacation, but that training necessitated an early run.  But again, I got to sit with Marge all morning and also wrangled a second Skyline trip out of the deal.  Saturday afternoon was a nephew's birthday party.  You know I got to play with Legos *ahem* help the nephews play with Legos and there was also spaghetti.

Sunday was maybe my favorite day of the trip.  It started with my longest run of the trip, a bit over five miles.  I saw a deer on the run.  It should be noted I actually saw deer in the middle of the city three of the five days I was in town.  WTF.  I didn't really have any time goals or anything else in mind, just to have a good time.  So I was beyond thrilled when I saw the pace I busted out for the last mile.  Downhill running really is my thing.
After the run I made my parents fruit crepes for breakfast.  And then as a present to me, they let me keep ESPN 2 on the TV while we ate so I could watch the New York City Marathon.  Before the end of the race, we left for coffee and to see one of my cousins and her partner.  I may have scored some company for a half marathon to be named later!  Then I got to see a friend from when I lived in Cincinnati and her son who is about a year old and possibly the cutest thing currently under 1 year old on the planet.  My friend has one of my favorite smiles on the planet as well.  I left around nap time and headed home.  Mom and Dad and I took a walk around the neighborhood and finished the night with a trip to a Thai Restaurant I like a lot.  It would be more fair to say I love the food and find the service to be hit and miss.  Sunday night was a miss.  See if you can spot the deer in the picture below. 

Monday I woke up and cooked Dad breakfast.  Mom had to go to work so she didn't get to play.  We hung out for a bit and then I headed to the airport.  TSA welcomed me to the PreCheck line which is the most wonderful place on earth.  I didn't even have to take off my shoes!  The flight home was a smaller plane but thankfully a bit smoother than the ride out.  Once I got home I did some cleaning and laundry.  I decided it would be a good idea to go for a run and wind up at Zumba which is a bit over a mile away on Monday nights. Zumba was a blast and then I scored a ride home from a friend. Since the time changed and we're having winter soon, I wont run in daylight for the next six months.  This is what all of my running pictures will look like.

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