Things Runners Understand - Clothing and Pictures

Things runners understand:
  • Running in my good running gear always makes a run better.
  • Stopping to take a picture will monkey with my overall workout pace and time, and that's okay.  Sigh.
I hit the trails sort of trails for a five mile run today.  I was wearing some of my favorite running gear ever.  ProCompression and 2XU have special places in my heart.  I meant to keep this a slow easy workout since I am meeting friends later tonight to run again.  Yes on a Friday.  Yes at 8pm.  No, it wasn't my idea.  I'm not sure what tonight's workout holds.  I think there's going to be several people there and I've only ever run with one of them before, so Iwanted to make sure I took care of what I needed in case tonight isn't what I expect.

This afternoon run turned out to be perfect.  It was one of those where I just went by feel, trying to keep my heart rate low and enjoy myself, enjoy the scenery and have fun.

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