Running Post Marathon - Easy 4

Marathon recovery is roughly complete.  I had to keep running this week, just a mile per day, to keep the running streak alive.  Since it's been six days and I was ready to get out and move, I decided to head out on a real run today.  The thing people don't understand is that feeling of losing all fitness ever after a marathon.  I always feel like I have to start over at zero (it's not really true), like I've lost all endurance for distance.  Staring to run again after a marathon is always interesting. I picked a nice easy 4 mile route along the Greenway before Zumba.

Today I wanted to move.  I wound up running each mile faster than the last.  By the time I got done, everything felt strong and fun.  I was kind of mad at my GPS for telling me I could stop.  The Greenway was a popular place to be today.  It was nice and cool and the colors are starting to change.  Although, it's not really winter or late fall yet because we're still in high construction season...

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