Productivity Saturday

This was a super productive Saturday.  I went on my first post-marathon run.  I went to Zumba.  I shopped at the Farmer's Market and at the Co-op.  I made Nathan and I omelletes for lunch.  Then I cooked all afternoon.  It's Post-marathon cleanse week, so I'm making all my own food.  Here's what I made today:

After cooking all afternoon I had a couple friends over for dinner. We had the lentil burgers, roasted plantains (I have got to remember those), collars, and avocado that I did almost nothing with.

To complete the night, I made a window.  Sort of.  I work with a lady who has an interior office and is always wanting a window.  Nathan had a mirror designed like a window.  My Pooky Bear gave me some fabric and taught me how to make little curtains.  Tonight was fabrication night.  It took nowhere near as long as I'd expected and it was pretty fun.  Steam a seam is an awesome product.  Even I could do it. The doodle on the card was inspired by a story Nathan told me about a past co-worker of his who doodled all the time.

To complete the productivity - this is the third blog post I've written tonight.  I'd link to the other two but they're not published yet and I don't know how.  I'll add that learning to productivity for another day.

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