My stomach is a ball of fury and hate

From time to time, my stomach just goes a bit nuts.  It doesn't seem to be related to an illness (not running a fever, not otherwise sick), nor is it the same as the "not eating" when I'm going mentally crazy although that's it's own barrel of fun.  Nope, from time to time my stomach just does not accept food.  Today, man, was just one of those days.

Back story is I did another post-marathon cleanse, sort of like I did last year.  With actually maybe more compliance which is surprising.  To celebrate being done, I had some hard cider on Saturday night.  And my stomach went into attack mode.  I woke up at 5am feeling honest to god hungover, which shouldn't be possible from 20 oz of cider.  I almost cancelled apples.  I was that hard up.  Instead I tried a little wheat cereal, a little coffee, and then started to feel better.  Probably the wine tasting didn't help because by lunch again, I had a tenuous relationship with food.

The only thing that really helped my stomach today was running.  After apples/wine tasting/shopping, I had to go to the gym.  I need to get to 12 visits to get the discount and I've missed a few days this month.  At first I was going to run a mile, but I had my music on so I figured I'd run two and then I was feeling good so I kept going for a total of four miles.  It just kept feeling good. That was a surprise.  Shortly after I stopped, my stomach rebelled and it was clear that I'd never eat again.  Sigh.

See if you can spot where I had to pause the workout and briefly make peace with my stomach.  Hint: it was three laps before the workout was over.

The playlist for today's workout definitely helped.  It's one I put together for the marathon but ultimately didn't use that day. Yes, I have a special relationship with Pitbull. I am not ashamed.

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