Moral Dilemas - Runner Version

I was reading Miss Zippy's Post on Runner's Moral Dilemmas and my answers were too long to write in her comments.  So she gets an entire post instead.

Running a race as a bandit. For my non-runner friends, this means jumping in a race at the start and running the whole thing without a bib and not paying the entry fee. Generally against this practice since entry fees actually pay for things like cops to provide traffic control for the course, and the races up here are all run by non-profits and places I like to see my money go to support.

Taking food from the finish line for family/friends who didn't complete the course.  I have no idea.  I imagine my feelings about this would change if I have kids.

Selling of buying a bib on Craig's List or similar.  Miss Zippy had never met anyone who'd done it.  I have done it.  Actually a friend made the transaction but it was for two bibs and I definitely benefited.  See here for more information.  The deal on this is that it works as long as no one is trying to run a Boston Qualifying time, win an age group, or do something where your identity really matters.  At least in my experience.  The race I did it, I think wasn't even chip timed.

Pacing a friend, even if you aren't registered.  Hell yes.  See here for details.  For my non-running friends, this is different than running as a bandit since most pacers don't stay on the course the whole time and also try not to take food or water that's there for the racers.  This is actually a practice at most Ultra distance races.  Most marathons have rules against pacers without a bib but I've encountered different levels of enforcement at different races.

Wearing a race shirt from a race I didn't complete.  As long as it's for a distance I can complete, I don't care.  I'd feel crazy guilty wearing an IronMan or 100-mile race shirt.  Got a spare marathon or 13.1 shirt?  Bring it on.

Complaining to the Race Director because my Garmin registered the course as long.  First off, no complaining.  If it was a brand new course and my GPS was crazy off, I might mention it to the race director.  Starting lines get put in the wrong place more than you'd think.  For Twin Cities my GPS system registered the marathon as 26.5 miles instead of 26.2.  I have a strong suspicion it's because I didn't run the tangents as well as I should in a couple places and I probably did run long.  That course is legit. 

Thanks again to MissZippy because this was a fun set of questions!

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