A whole different kind of "seen on my run"

Today was a lazy Sunday.  Excellent.  I woke up, lounged about, hit up the farmers market and, came back and watched mindless television all day.   By mindless television I mean, of course, Ice Road Truckers.  I made a batch of Roasted Brussels Sprouts  (Nine cups, that should hold me at least a day or two).  And a batch of collard greens with onions.

I'd debated all day about how far to run.  Ultimately I was feeling tired and decided that even though a five mile run would be lovely, I should probably just give it a rest.  I ran a quick two-mile route out and back from home with an absurd number of hills for a course so short.  I chose the Vibrams because chances to wear those guys outside will be few and far between for a while now.  On the way back, I found some serious stuff in the road, enough that I went back to pick it up.  You can all thank me for saving your tires now.

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