Seven Miles of Chilly and Humid

This morning had a seven mile run on tap.  It had to be done this morning because I had meetings all day at work and then a shopping date afterwards.  That turned out to be excellent motivation.  I woke up a bit after 6am and it was still dark when I hit the road.  I forgot my reflective gear.  Fail for me!  It was super humid out, and there was fog rising off the grass and the lakes.  I stopped to take pictures near the last mile of the run and by then, most of the fog had burned off.  The fall colors are starting to pop out.  I saw a few maples had turned bright red, and a tree or two was turning yellow as well. Race day in the Twin Cities should be fairly stunning.

The run itself was pretty fun.  I tried to keep it moving at a fun and challenging pace and basically did great.  The overall pace reported includes a few stop lights and a photo stop as well.  I'm having an hilarious time this week running on pavement only, no dirt tracks next to the trail, to keep my shoes from getting torn up too bad before the race. I only have a few more real training runs before the race though.  Afterwards, I can beat the heck out of the shoes like normal!

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