Napping is greater than running

True story - at some point in my life I read about one of the great distance runners of all time skipping workouts to nap instead.  I can't remember who, just that it was an African born runner who may or may not have been running for USA at the time. Today, I tried the 'don't run, just nap' training plan myself.  I'll let you know how it works out.

I did make it out for my daily mile, just not the full distance I had scheduled.  The mile per day streak continues.  While I was out there, it was roughly 90* but still didn't feel as hot as running in DC because the humidity was under control. Know what's not under control on my street though?  The amount of shit I pull off the road when I'm running.  Thing's I've pulled off the road in the past include machine screws, wood screws and roofing nails. WTF?  Today's find was impressive too.

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