Weekend Bike Ride

Friday seemed like an excellent day for my first ride of the season.  I'd been thinking about riding for a while, but then taking out the bike and checking the tires and everything else just seemed like so much work.  Friday I finally found the energy to get over it.  Plus I wanted to see Lake Cedar again.  The ride was pretty dramatic, rain threatened almost the entire time.  I never got wet, but did face some pretty strong headwinds.  About five minutes after I put my bike away, it started pouring.  I'm calling that a good ride and excellent timing.

Above: Picnic at South Beach Lake Harriet before the weather turns.  
Below: Lake Harriet, facing east across the lake and north to the band shell.  Storms are rolling in.

Above: Lake Calhoun, half sunny and half stormy.  Downtown Minneapolis is in the background getting soaked.
Below: Heading back into town on the Cedar Lake Trail, it momentarily looked like the rain would stop.  (False.)

End of the ride. See the sun and shadows behind me?  Five minutes later it was a torrential downpour.

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