Thoughts on Blogging 30 days in a row

I love Blogger's Schedule to Publish feature.  It was really helpful with some of the posts to get them written and set to go when I had the time, and then they could publish on days I knew I wouldn't be posting otherwise.  When I was in Duluth I had some of the Spotify/Pandora/Workout music stuff set to go, because I knew I wouldn't be blogging up there. 

Everything happened in life about five days before it happened on the blog.  Is this a positive or a negative?  The life events I blogged about like runs and going to Duluth wound up appearing late because I had other posts scheduled to publish. 

More photos wound up on Instagram in real time.  Since blog posts were somewhat delayed, especially Duluth and the one about the storm that took out all the trees, I put a ton more photos on Instagram.

Quantity over Quality.  This shouldn't be a surprise.  I don't necessarily want to write about my life every single day, so I had to come up with some other stuff.  The Internet Searches were hilarious and I hope my blog keeps getting weird hits like that so I can do more of them.  Some of the other posts were a little more "filler". 

Maybe I'd do it again.  We have to go back to October 2007 to find a month with more blog posts than this one. This was a really good exercise in generating content.  Even though I didn't love every single thing I did, it was useful.  It definitely made me sit back and then about what to write, when will I have 3 days in a row to post about music services, need to take more pictures, what else is an interesting topic. 

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