Sunday - Run and then slave over a hot stove!

Run: my neighbor and I had grand plans to run at Ft Snelling this morning.  Luckilly I remembered last night that the Minneapolis Marathon (not Twin Cities Marathon, they're different) would also be running at Ft Snelling.  That would've been a hot mess.  Instead we headed over to Lake Harriet for a long 7 miler.  (Wound up being more like 7.3 miles.)  The way things work when I run with this neighbor is I just try to keep up, sometimes it feels more like chasing her than running.  I had a blast and I'm so glad we went.

Farmer's Market: Both of us also wanted some goodies from the farmer's market so we headed over, all sweaty and gross and everything, after the run.  I got two packs of bacon but no eggs.  I tried the eggs from the other farmer's market yesterday.  They were not the same.  Sigh.

Cook: I was just in the mood to cook.  Right?  So I made, well, a little of everything.
  • Oven roasted potatoes.  I did something like this only I used a 5lb bag.  It had two rotten potatoes in it.  boo.
  • Bacon Grape Broccoli Salad will be a mainstay of my lunches this week.  I think it's weird the broccoli isn't steamed or something.  Also, I bailed on the mayo.
  • Sesame Kale Salad I have made multiple times before.  It's amazing how well this stuff freezes.
  • Mint Zucchini is a new one for me.  There's other recipes listed, but the zucchini is the only one I tried.
  • Tangy Cauliflower Salad is awesome.  Every time I make it I question how much work it winds up being for basically two servings. But still, awesome.
  • Jicama Spears to share tonight; we're grilling out!
  • Wheat berries which are boring at the moment but will wind up in some excellent breakfast this week
  • Whole wheat banana bread.  This is not the recipe I used; I use Mom's recipe and it doesn't exist on the internet.  And as I'm writing this I realized I forgot to add eggs.  This could be tragic.
  • Hard boiled eggs so I can have protein for my lunches all week.

Now the dishwasher is going, and I'm waiting for the oven to turn off so I can finally take a shower.  When I go upstairs to grill out, I'm going to let Mo take a lap around the place and sweep up.  The kitchen floor is a hot mess. 

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