Long Run - Oh Poop!

Yup, it was that kind of day.  Ever had to poop while running?  I have.  Usually it's a "right now, non negotiable" kind of situation.  Some loving refer to this as 'runner's trots'.  I am less amused and so don't give it any cute names.

How can I not poop while I run?  Runners have found several solutions.  It seems to be a hit and miss, whatever works for best for you answer.
  • Only eat certain types of food on the run.  For some gels are good and for some gels are very very bad.
  • Avoid fiber the day before and day of a run.  Sorry. Hold the beans.
  • Imodium.  One to two before the run.
  • Poop before the run.  I famously told a friend "the hardest thing in the world is to poop when you don't have to poop" but if it happens, yeah.
  • Know where the park bathrooms, port-a-pots, etc are located.  They are your friends.
  • Learn how to poop in the bushes.  On a related note - learn to identify poison ivy to prevent any dire situations.

I've noticed for myself, I usually get this problem when I'm doing longer and harder runs, and when it's hotter out.  That makes summer training for a fall marathon awesome.  Food eaten the day before, day of or during a run tends to be a red herring.  I usually get an upset stomach sometime after a gel but I take these suckers all the time; it's not them upsetting my stomach.  And I eat pasta ten nights a week, no way is having that the night before doing anything. 

My personal remedy is Imodium.  (Not Pepto Bismol.  They work differently in your body.) It doesn't 100% stop the problem.  It does reduce the "NOW!!" feeling to an "as soon as you see a potty, please stop" kind of feeling, which is a level of excitement I can deal with while I'm out.

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