Long Run Friday - Happy Birthday to Me!

Mother nature had a party of her own the night before my birthday, which made everything very interesting.  I woke up in the middle of the night to no power, and woke up again before my alarm went off.  Luckily I had my cell phone alarm set so the power outage didn't prevent me from getting up.  Turns out we need to add a new motivating method for long runs: no power inside is boring.

I fueled up before the run with the Chocolate Babka that my boss got me for my birthday. Turns out, it's excellent running food.  I filled up my Camelbak and grabbed some food for the road and headed out the door.

Two things about this run:
One - It was really slow.  Even the miles I tried to make fast were pretty slow.  I've read that heat and humidity can slow runners down, so I decided not to panic.  To me, it was a minor miracle I got out the door at all.

Two - there were trees down everywhere.  This turned out to be relevant later when we had a second storm that took down even more trees.  I had to climb over/under two trees at the top of the Ft Snelling path.  I thought for sure I'd find more and more down along the way, but that was it.  There were also two separate trees blocking the path near the falls and billions of sticks, twigs, branches and other tripping hazards.  I did not fall down.

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