Seen on my travels around the interwebs lately:
  • Construction on Minnehaha Avenue Delayed because no one can get their act together.  The city's proposed plan for new bike lanes was basically to recreate the same problem but call it new and fixed.  The Bike Coalition's proposed plan was a two way cycle track on one side of the street that would have to get sorted out at Lake Street.  Both plans were equally flawed.
  • Woman in Seattle Runs Down Bike Thief.  I love stories about runners chasing people.  I don't really understand why the thief didn't get on the bike.  Must've been too much in the heat of the moment.
  • Studying OCD In Mice produces some interesting results.  Having grown up in a house with OCD, I can say for sure that it is very much a learned thing.  It's so not part of the normal thought process.
  • An Easy Way To Cut Down on Pill Suicides is actually a great idea.  I know most Americans love to buy things in bulk and that makes it cheaper and all, which is why we don't have this yet.  For once, just do something in a normal size.
  • Now I just want lobster.  How does this even happen?
  • This post answers the question 'what happens when you get a fish drunk?' which is something I've always wanted to know.
  • How to freshen up my home while vacuuming.  I badly want to try this in my robot.  It's a bagless contraption, but I think it could still work.  Now, what flavor of essential oils should I try?

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