Horrible day insdie, lovely outside

Congratulations Minnesota!  Summer came on a weekend this year.  I'd meant to wake up early and run.  As has been the case this entire week, I slept in instead.  Sigh.

I eventually hauled my ass the gym around 1pm when it was 85*.  You'd think things would've been better for running inside right?  It's air conditioned?  We're both wrong.  The treadmill was a miserable, hot, long, hot experience. I think I lost half my body weight sweating and it was only a 4 miler.

I gave the gym up for a bad deal and headed over to Lake Nokomis, just for a walk.  It was warm but the breeze coming off the lake was fantastic so I never really got hot.  Everyone was at the lake. There were runners, walkers, dogs, families, grills, games, sunbathers, swimmers, fishers, kayaks, paddleboards, sail boats, everyone.

One last random piece of information: This is post 1999 to be published on this blog. 1999 is also the year I graduated High School. Anniversary post coming up tomorrow.

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