Hanging in Duluth

I was up in Duluth on Monday and Tuesday for the Minnesota Aging and Disability Odyssey which is a big day of training.  Some of it is new concepts or techniques and some is Minnesota specific updates to laws and procedures for our programs here.  It was actually a really good training.

Monday night another girl and I drove up the shore a bit for a picnic.  There's no Kosher restaurants in Duluth apparently, so she brought her own food.  I stopped for Thai carryout and away we went.  It was a windy night.  We wound up coming back and hanging out in the bar for a little while before going to bed.  And yes, that is my room number.

Tuesday I got up and ran along the lake shore with a different girl. The wind had finally stopped and the views were fantastic.  I also learned that the shoreline along Lake Superior is not flat like the shoreline of our measly city lakes.  It's up and down and hills and rollers and all kinds of goodness.   It wasn't a super fast run, but I can say that I did not poop my pants and I did not fall down.  Given my year so far, those are both accomplishments.

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