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I just got an email from the Blogathon crew that June 5 is a 'theme day' and the topic is "my 5 favorite apps".  June 5 is also National Running DayI don't know what to do.  At least I'm writing the post now; we'll see when it gets published.

Wood Camera is a photo editing app.  I like it because it's got a richer set of features than most other apps for editing and finishing photos.  It sends photos back to my albums as well as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and some others.  Cost: $0.99

Postagram turns pictures or Instagrams into postcards.  I use it for sending postcards to my Grandma, parents, aunts and uncles, and to Max.  There's a 240 character limit on the message printed with the post card which has been hilarious.  It's the best deal I've found on postcard apps, and they track the cards I send so I know when they've arrived.  Cost: app is free.  Postcards are around $0.99 each including printing and mailing, and credits can be purchased in $20 increments. 


Carcassonne is a strategy/puzzle game. It's a well done game, and can be played with friends or against the computer.  The computer helpfully has several different levels of strategies and difficulties for entertainment.  It's got easy and hard but also weird, evil and simple.  Games are long enough to be interesting but quick enough to be played at a five minute meeting break or at the bus stop.  Cost: $9.99 and there's in app purchases that I haven't used even though Annie keeps telling me I should.


Ruzzle is a word game kind of like Boggle.  I find it amazingly entertaining.  It has 2:00 rounds and is usually played against friends.  Swear words count as words.  Just saying.  The free version is packed with ads which drives me nuts.  There's a paid version as well but since I have in-app purchasing disabled, I'll never know.  Cost: free.

Clucks is another game that Annie and Qat Lady got me addicted to. It's like Taboo, only it uses the front facing camera of the iPhone to take a video of the player giving their friends the clues.  So for the word "slow" I can look at Qat Lady and go "this is the speed I run" and she's got it.  Unlike the other two games, you need a place where you can hear and see video and also record yourself.  The bus stop doesn't work as well for this one, but sometimes in the work lunchroom I have the whole table help give clues for Qat Lady.  Cost: Free.

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