Awesome Treadmill Workout

I know; I can hardly believe that title either.  I have a hard time with Mondays so I save my workout until the evening.  (I have something in the morning g that I don't look forward to, so nothing gets done before hand.)  I wanted to keep off the track today since I've got something special planned there for tomorrow.  That left the dreadmill as my only option.  It turned out much better than I thought.

Here's what happened:
1 Mile warm up, build to faster than marathon 'slow' pace of a whopping 5.4mph.
400M at 6.7 mph (8:57 miles), 400M at 5.4 mph (11:06)
Repeat X 6 for a total of 4 miles
400M walking cool down.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a workout I liked on the treadmill.  As with all things treadmill, I probably wont try that workout again for a long time.  It was nice because after the warmup mile, 1 lap or 400m was the most I had to pay attention to any one thing.  The last couple 400s got a little challenging.  I tried to focus on relaxing my body and letting my legs be light and fast underneath me.  The treadmill teaches me I can wear my body out running that fast, or I can let my body relax and feel strong and still run that fast.

After the cool down, I did a couple planks (2 at 1:00 each which is a lot for me) and then did a bit of stretching.  The treadmill also teaches me to sweat.  There's no air moving over me so it's the only defense my body has.

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