A breakup with Nike+ in favor of Endomondo

Anyone else notice the Nike+ website has been going crazy lately?  Maybe the app too?  Mostly the maps seem to not be displaying correctly, or at all, for runs.  Sad.  I had one run where the data was basically lost.  It was a quick easy one so I'm not too concerned.  I emailed the Nike+ site for support.  Given my luck with tech support lately....  It was just "restart your phone, make sure your GPS is on".  That takes care of the phone.  What about your website?

It's the greyest day ever.  Happy Memorial Day and unofficial start to summer.  I used Endomondo for my run today.  I know, I can't believe I ran either.  I did a quick 4-miler.  I learned that it's easier to break a 10:00 mile with a running buddy than alone.  Alone I just have the sound of myself gasping and it's kind of disconcerting.

Running plans for the week - Given the weather forecast for the week, I have no idea.  I'd like to go do a long run.  I'd also like to head out on runs with the St Paul girls and one with my super fast neighbor.  Which days look best for those things?

Technology plans for the future - I will still use the Nike+iPod situation for indoor and treadmill running.  Let's be honest: nothing else works.  Also the issue with mapping isn't relevant for indoor workouts.  I'm thinking for now to keep using Endomondo for outdoor workouts since it seems to be the most reliable app and website at the moment.

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