Women's Running Gear - Clothes that actually fit

If you ever want to be genuinely entertained, google "shrink it and pink it".  It least to some hilarious articles like this one about how tech firms market (or not) to women, and this super helpful slide show about iPads and "Della".  WTF?

Sadly, tech isn't the only industry to suffer from the "shrink and pink" phenomena.  Running gear can be all pinked out as well.  As a lady of average weight and size (read: curves) I've found the kinds of clothes that actually fit so you don't have to.

Sports Bra - Oddly immune to the phenomena.

Socks - I have nothing to say on this one, but socks are important to a lot of runners so maybe someone else can share their thoughts.  

From Brooks
Shirts - It should be super easy for you to find a pink top.  Just saying.In tank tops, I prefer racer back tops.  Racer back has the same line as a "racer back" sports bra.  I think it gives my arms more freedom.  In short sleeve tops, I prefer a female cut top, which is somewhere between compression and baggy-like-a-dude.  It's harder to find than you'd think.  A4 and NikePro are good brands to look for.
Usually if it's a long sleeve top I want something that fits under a winter coat, so I want something long enough to tuck in.

Jackets - one place where women have benefited from the 'design for women' craze is in jackets and sweatshirts.  I love thumb holes in sleeves.  They seem near impossible for guys to find but almost every woman's jacket or sweatshirt I've seen has them.  Live it up, it's a great feature.
I prefer jackets that are a bit looser around the torso, so my gear underneath doesn't bunch all up.  I also like the cinch around the waist because it keeps Minnesota's frigid air out.  I wear a Nike Jacket that my mom got me.

From Frank Shorter
Tights and pants I'd love to meet whomever thought of the "wide waist" idea so I could tell them personally why it's so wrong.  Like, Lulu Lemon - what were you thinking?.  This looks good on a size 2 and fits on a size 2.  On anyone else, it creates a muffin top where none existed before and then the waist just folds in half and digs into everyone.
The correct fit is a slim waist line (maybe some elastic thrown in for fun?) and a draw string.  I will not buy your pants if they don't have a draw string.  Champion (sold at Target) makes a few capris and tights with a draw string.  Frank Shorter Running Gear makes fantastic winter running tights.  Both Nike and Brooks make a great winter running pant.  My favorite pants of all are Nike Running capris. 

Shorts Ditto to the "wide waists don't actually fit" here.
For shorts, when I wear a lose fitting short I do prefer a draw string and pockets.  Ever tried to find pockets in women's shorts?  They're hiding with Atlantis.  Let me know which you find first.
For "biker shorts" or compression shorts I find a draw string much less important than on capris, tights or pants.  I have no idea why that is.

Shoes Pink shoes are kind of the exception to my rule.  (Sorry for being part of the problem.)  Sadly, they don't even make these anymore so I guess I'm the only one who made that exception.  My favorite shoes are Brooks but even they are guilty of carrying some shoes in only men sizes and telling women to figure out their size.  (I mean, not even a comparison chart or something?)  Even when shoe makers offer women's specific sizes and colors, they're typically just a shrunken model of the mens shoe.  The only shoes I know that are made specifically for women are Ryka and I have no idea which model or shoe is right for you.

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