Running Music - And Where to Find It

In running, there seem to be those who cannot move without music blasting in their ears and those who do not understand.   If you run frequently, those five songs with a good beat can get old quick.  Where to find more music?   (My current answer is "Zumba Class" which may be the opposite of helpful.)  Here's some better suggestions:

InTheGym is my favorite place to get new music.  They do a great job of having all kinds of different genres and gearing it to different sports or workout goals as well.  The site isn't updated frequently or with great regularity which makes me sad.  I keep them in my RSS feeds and I always smile when a new playlist is out. 
Pandora is my second favorite, and has several exercise stations.  They're not exactly easy to find on the website.  If you're like me and can't remember where this awesomeness is hidden, do this: Click "New Station" (next to the search bar on the left), and when the menu comes down click "browse genres", then click "workout".  There's several different genres and some divided by sports and activities like dancing.  My favorite is the Latin Workout station, although I've never been in a position to listen to it on a run.  Those of you with a smartphone and unlimited data, let me know what you think.  

GymDJ lists individual songs and has 30-60 minute mixes, again divided by sport and genre.  The mixes tend to be free for download, while some of the individual songs seem to be 30 second samples (to comply with copyright laws I think?).  I haven't been on this site too long.  The RSS feeds are updated regularly and seem to work right (which is a bigger deal than you'd think).  I've never run with a mix but I understand they're quite appealing because there's no song skipping or silence.

JogTunes is a search engine where you can search by genre, artist, who the tempo of the song, or sport.  I'm not clear on how specifically songs wind up in their search engine (would a FAQ be too much?) but they seem to have many genres and a health dose of indie artists.

RunHundred is also new to me but I haven't been wowed so far.  They also reliably update the site with new music.  Sadly, it's all 30 second samples.  The site also doesn't share the "100 list" without providing your email and more information than I want to share, so I can only see the daily song updates.  The constant pop-ups and advertisements on the site are what really does me in.  Somebody with better ad blocking software (or patience) might really enjoy this site. 

Spotify - Can someone please explain this site to me?  (Do I still need someone to invite me?)  I can't say for sure, but have heard it's an excellent place to find new music.  Let me know.

BeeMp3 is just an Mp3 search engine.  It will not help you find new music.  But if you find a great song on one of these other sites and have trouble finding it for download or purchase, there's a good chance it will be here.  I have a don't ask don't judge policy on using this website.

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