Weekend Workouts

I'm finally training for something again.  Last week I signed up for the Flying Pig 3-Way challenge, sat down and made a training plan.  Goal for the week was 20 miles with at least one 5-mile run.

View from the track at the gym.  However cold it looks, I assure you, it was much worse.
Sunday - 5 miler track workout at the gym, half hour on the bike.  (I may have mentioned this one before, but I've decided from now on that weeks start on Sunday and not Monday.)
Monday - 2 mile warm up on the track, 15 mile ride on the trainer bike.
Tuesday - 4 miler, must have been at the gym because I think it was too cold to be outside.  Ever.
Wednesday - 1 mile, decided to stop whining and suck it up.
Thursday - Circuit, one mile on the track, Zumba.  I love Zumba.
Friday - 1 mile fun run on the treadmill (I kept speeding it up ever .05 miles for 1 mile), 5.5 miles on the elliptical.  Legs = spaghetti.
Saturday - 1.5 miles on the track, the most laps in a row I've done on that track in what must be years, Zumba.  !Zumba!

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