Workouts: Update

My winter race, the Dreidel Dash is coming up on Sunday.  Coincidentally, a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for all day Sunday.  Hazards include four to seven inches of snow, wind, and blowing snow. It's okay though because Mn DOT says they're ready.  MnDOT will not be clearing the roads for the Dreidel Dash race course; that is left to the City of St Paul.  Sigh.  I'm predicting a race course that looks like this:
See here for additional information on the picture (which I cannot blame on the City of St Paul).  Check out past Dreidel Dash races for 2009, 2010, and last year.

I'm still running every day, but I haven't run much over a mile since my Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day.  (Yes, I am that lazy.)  At this point it looks like Sunday will be a slow slog no matter what I do so maybe it's good I didn't make the extra effort.   I won't be sad when I don't PR the race.

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