Vacation Sunday - Day 3

Woke Up way to freaking early.  (Did I mention I went to be around 2:30am?)  Mom and I headed over to Jazzercise and started the day off with a bang.  I got home and quickly did my run.  I think?  I was so beyond not excited about running.  Yes.  I have the best attitude ever.

Lunch (see how we skipped breakfast?) I met Jenny and Doug and their new son Emmitt (spelled per Doug's grandpa's name) for Skyline.  We always go to Skyline by their house.  We spent the afternoon at Doug and Jenny's where I was allowed to hold Emmitt as long as I wanted.  He peed on me, which meant I had to wash that pair of pants for the second time in two days, which was also hilarious.  I got to see Jenny's Aunt Elaine, of road trip frame, and Jenny's Grandma who helped make me skirts when I joined the Peace Corps.  I hadn't seen them in some time so it was nice to visit.  Emmitt looks like Doug.

Play Per tradition, we went to see the Ensemble Theater, this year doing Alice in Wonderland.  I realized I don't actually know the story of Alice in Wonderland.  I'm sure I was supposed to read it in school some time and totally didn't, because that's how I always feel about reading books.  We went with my parent's friend Ruth, who has some fame of her own to claim.
Dinner was at an Asian restaurant which was new to me but known to my parents.  I had their Singapore Rice Noodles which were fantastic.  Singapore Rice Noodles are typically served with five different kinds of meat (no, serious) so I was really curious when I was allowed to chose my own protein for this dish (tofu, thank you).  I think it's an easy dish to do right, but it's also a fairly easy dish to do wrong.  It was excellent.

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