Voting - You want me to what?

(Up front - not saying which side of these issues I'm on; this post is about something else.)  I was over at The League of Women Voters website, trying to figure out who I want to vote for Soil and Water Conservation district person (WTF is that?) and downloaded my sample ballot.  Something else on the ballot caught my eye.  Either didn't know or forgot all about this rule.

For constitutional amendments in the state of Minnesota, skipping the question is counted as a No vote.  So many thoughts racing through my head.  (This year we have two amendment questions: one asks to restrict the definition of marriage to a man and a woman; the other to restrict voting rights to those who have a photo ID.) 
Here's all my thoughts:
  • Does this provide an incentive on the part of the people who write the question to be on the "yes" side or the "no" side of the issue, since all the people who skip that question automatically count as a No vote?
  • Uh, what the hell, if I skip that question it shouldn't be counted as a yes or no.  I should have to actually vote on that question to have my vote counted.  That's just my opinion.
  • Also didn't know the Voter ID Restriction amendment would require the state pay for free photo IDs for everyone.  Does this mean I won't have to pay a fee for my driver license if it passes?
  • Is this language about "if you skip this question it counts as a No vote" used in states outside of Minnesota?

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