Thankful Wednesday - prepare!

Wednesday morning was super foggy here in Indiana.  I headed out for a 4-mile run.  I had a circuit that I knew was two miles and then ran that twice.  The fog burned off over the course of the run.

After the run I headed out with Uncle Joe for some errands.  Kroger Marketplace is really quite a store.  We also headed to a local gym where there are eighteen billion basketball courts, a video store (yes, there are some still in business), and the pet store for dog food.  When we got home we had lunch (leftovers) and then started prepping the house for Turkey Day.  I moved tables, set tables, carried chairs, and then we lit the Christmas Tree.  ("We" is maybe too strong a word, Uncle Joe lit, I watched and Aunt Joan supervised.)

In the afternoon I headed over to the WWII Victory Museum (and also there's a car museum).  I guess part of the museum will change soon, so I had to see it in the original state so I can go back later and compare.

In the evening the rest of the aunts and uncles (and Mom and Dad) showed up.  We opened a bottle of wine, had soup and hung out.  We watched a DVR of The Voice which is Mom's favorite show and apparently half the people here love it just as much as she does.        

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