Sunday Funnies

The other day I found this site called EmergencyCompliment.com.  It's an hysterically funny site that basically keeps telling you nice things until you feel better.  Or die laughing.  Here's some of the ones I got:
Above: the only one that's probably not meant for the cheap laugh.  I'm assuming this is an easter egg from someone involved in the site to their kids, but it's still cool.

That is flatly untrue.  Sorry.  I'm a runner.

This one made me laugh because I'm the youngest girl of all my cousins.  I definitely don't think I'm referred to as the cool one.  I assume I'm referred to more as "the odd one who moved to Minnesota and is still single".  I'm seeing family for the holidays so I'll try to pay attention.

This one could possibly be true.  Depends on the group of friends in question.  I was definitely sought after in Trivial Pursuit at one point in my life.

And here is where I started to feel like my old self again. Completely true. Thanks!

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