A Solid Week of Working Out

Apparently I was in a grumpy mood this week and didn't blog too much.  Sunday has apparently fixed that.  I'm getting better all the time.  I swear.

Here's what went down this week:
  • Monday I went for a run after work, around 1.25 miles and then went to the Magna Challenge for what was ultimately my last meeting.  We learned about Tabata workouts which I'd heard of but never tried.  Rounds 1 and 2 were fine but I could see Round 4 being a killer if you did it that long.
  • Tuesday was the day I officially resigned the challenge and also thought it would be the day I gave up my "run a mile every day" thing since the two were related.  But no, there I was at 8:35pm in my reflective vest and yesterday's running clothes, running around the blocks to get my mile in.  I was all "it hasn't even been a month, don't stop now".
  • Wednesday the alarm went off at 530am, I turned it off and rolled over, completely skipping Water Running.  Wednesday night is a Team:Work meeting.  We had an insane number of needs to work on.  Me - keep everyone happy.  Runner 1 - can do something more challenging than the Couch to 5K.  Runner 2 - stuck in traffic and so needs a place to meet us in the midst of the run.  Speed Walker - needs to be moving for 85 minutes and needs to start early.  Okay.  Ultimately we found a few blocks to run/walk around that had easy parking for our traffic challenged friend.  Speed Walker did her own thing.  Runner 1 and I did the 90:30 (jog 90 seconds, spring 30 seconds) speed workout for 24 minutes.  With warmup and cool down we worked out for 40-45 minutes.
  • Thursday I meant to get up and take a run in the morning but opted not to because I was still tired and hated waking up.  I was able to head back to my regular Thursday routine since dropping Magna.  It was great to hook back up with everyone in Circuit and the workout was challenging as usual.  Then I ran my mile around the track and got done just in time to head down to Zumba.  I missed all of these things so much.
  • Friday I did my first true "brick" workout with my Mountain Bike ride followed by running, just enough to get the mile in.  Also, I must be taking the Dreidel Dash seriously because I made a training log for it.
  • Saturday I did an actual run, 4 miles, no music then Plank.  I'm hesitant to say these shorter faster workouts are improving my overall speed, but not willing to rule it out either because I did notice my time was faster for that run than before, but not by much.  At the Challenge we were always told to do "plank to failure" at the end of our workouts.  Since the "to failure" part gives me panic attacks (when am I going to be done?  How long have I been up here?) I decided to try and hold it for 1:00 which is a lot for me.  Done.  I saw tons of Vote No volunteers out canvassing the neighborhood and tons of signs on my run too.  Thank you!
  • Sunday was another Brick workout and then Plank.  The run was either slower or hurt more, not sure which.  The plank lasted five seconds longer than the day before.  I did a thing where I had one foot down, then the other, for about five seconds at a time.  It took my mind off things.  Is that cheating?  I feel like one foot is physically harder but mentally it was so much better


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