Liz Trains for a Marathon

I was getting ready to write this post and was shocked to learn I'd been at this for three weeks already. I ran yesterday and today.
Miles Friday: 4.0
Miles Saturday: 2.8
Miles this week: 16.8
Goal miles: 16.0

Did I mention that today I ran outside. Around Lake Nokomis. It was quite windy. I'm thinking about running outside tomorrow too. It's nice to have that big hot tub at the Y as a reward when running outside in the middle of winter. It's also nice to have a reward that's not food and doesn't cost money.

Amanda and Kelly and I went to the No Coast Craft Show which was actually only my second time in the Midtown Global Market. I really enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed that I could buy earrings at this place. I'm one of the gazillion people with a nickel allergy. (If it's the most common form of dermatitis, it begs the question why the stuff is still used in earrings anyways.) There was one artist who actually had her earrings marked so I knew which ones were safe to buy. I got two really cool pairs. I'm excited because I love earrings and they're really hard for me to buy.

I'm thinking about getting my Christmas tree down. This year I'm ridiculously early and I actually have presents I could put out around it. I'm also thinking about dinner. Not sure what I should do about that. I don't think I can go outside again.

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