Here's the other reason I'm going to hell

I got a bill from Comcast that was higher than I expected.
Me: I'm looking at the prices on the website and this is the price it says, that's what I want
Girl:that's for customers who have cable.
Me: I have cable.
Girl: Now? Is it working?
Me: ...

Well, see the cable package never shows up on my bill and I don't ask questions. It's the cheap cable and the internet was always more than I thought it was. It's a hold over from when Time Warner cable switched all of their Minneapolis accounts to Comcast. It's been weird ever since then. I always got the services I wanted and paid about what I expected so I didn't ask...

So I quickly hung up with Comcast because I didn't want them to ask too many more questions (and possibly turn my cable off). And switched over to Minneapolis WiFi because it's way the heck cheaper. And serisouly, what are my other options for wi-fi in my own home?

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