Day 12 of 29

Today, I showed a colleague where our big shredding bin is located. We have a little shredder (the old strip one) and a big locked garbage can where someone else shreds the everything, I'm assuming that is at least cross-cut shredded, if not totally shredded into bits. This giving thing is kind of hard. I feel like I need to make a better plan. (It seems like it gets harder over time. Reminds me of watching friends who fast during Ramadan, day 1 is always way easier than day 28 or 29.)

What have I seen on the internet?
See how fast the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Cool site. Hit the NOW button just for fun.

A great article on the politics of happiness. Parts 1-3 are linked in the article and are interesting as well.

My dad's office sued a bunch of these places in Kentucky, glad to see Ohio is following suit. Six thousand people will be out of jobs? Oh please.

I have no words...

I remember awhile ago, Kelly was having CAPTCHA issues, this article reminded me of those issues, and similar problems I've had with Yahoo.

And for those of you lucky enough to drive a mac, 10 things I didn't know my mac could do at all.

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