As I sew so shall I reap

Anyone know a good website that gives the beats per minute of songs? Wanna know why I care? It has to do with running and my iPod...

How did Day 26 and Day 27 go? Well, yesterday (26) I found myself at the end of the night without having anything especially giving that wasn't part of my job (and so exempted from the challenge) so I went into my closet and found a pair of pants I don't wear too often. I had particularly planned to give them away, but I found myself with no real emotional attachment and no plan to wear them so into the good will bag they went.

Today (27): I gave 1500 grains of rice. It's more work than it sounds like. I might give more tonight but I wanted to write this so I stopped there for a while.

So, how have I reaped what I've sewn? Last night I called my mom because I had to ask a question about peeling ginger (don't spend too much time on it) and during the phone call I asked if she'd talk to a somewhat distant relative about me spending the night with her in Chicago on my way home in June. Mom and I had a nice call and I went back to cooking my awesome supper. (More information here.)

As I was about to sit down and eat said awesome (and also vegan) supper, Dad called me and told me he'd buy me a plane ticket so I could fly home for the wedding. Sweet. As a result, I got to talk to Dad and Jenny and Jenny's mom (when I called Jenny's house) so it was a really nice night. Thanks Dad.

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