The 29-day Challenge

Today was a rough day at work for reasons I can't go into. I read about The 29 Day Giving Challenge and decided it'd be worth it to give it a try. It was nice that I could go back in time for some of the days:

11. Today: I went to my agency's annual meeting. On the way, I helped a colleague not get lost. (After she turned the completely wrong way on one of the streets.)
10. Yesterday: I hung out with my mentee. We had a nice time walking around Lake Nokomis.
9. Sunday: I was racing for the cure.
8. Saturday: I helped Kelly and Eric paint their garage.
7. Friday: Took my Mom out for Mother's day
6. Thursday: Spent the day with my mom, did I mention I gave her a nice place to stay...
5. Wednesday: Took my mom to Como Conservatory. (That was kind of for me too.)
4. Tuesday: The parents got here, I welcomed them.
3. Monday: I hung out with my mentee and we did math homework.
2. Sunday: I gave a bunch of stuff to Goodwill.
1. Saturday: I cleaned the whole apartment so it was ready for my family.

That's as far back as I could go. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes, although I'm kind of worried because I don't have any "giving" planned. Too bad I can't count my job.

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