I am a cooking machine

I did lots and lots of cooking tonight. I made walleye with brazillian spices. The recipe actually called for shrimp marinated in lime juice, cilantro, eighteen heads of garlic (8 cloves really) and crushed red pepper. I have come to this conclusion: I don't like fish. Shrimp is ok, scallops are good, lobster is GOOD. Fish, not so much, which is too bad seeing as it's so good for women to eat.

Second I made chicken stock. I keep looking at this corn starch I bought. Every time I open my cupboard I can hear it say to me "egg drop soup would be sooo good". And then sometimes I think about making rice but I lack the chicken stock to do it. So for now, problem solved.

And then I made guacamole. The guac is the highlight probably. I added salsa. I don't know if my feelings about tomatoes have been made clear. Raw tomatoes are very very bad, but salsa I could eat by the bucket. I have no explanation. It's really good, I ate about half of it. I'm full now. I hope it stays until tomorrow. It should, there's only like a cup of lime juice in it.

Every time I cook I think of Mark. I keep thinking about what I will do when I finish school. There are some days in Minnesota, usually when it's about -1o degrees, that Florida sounds really nice, particularly the keys. I wonder what would finally make me move from Minnesota to Florida. It's nice to think about but it seems like there needs to be some critical event that would actually force the decision. I have no idea what that would be.


Something to entertain me

I was on "My Yahoo" page and one of the things I get is the eHow column.

The topics are
How to make your parents love you for who you are
How to have a healthy relationship

Seriously, just like that.
Anyone else think this is funny?


It's still funny

I was re-reading this post from a long time ago: One of the funniest things I've written
And I have to say, I still think it's funny.

My latest out of body experience

I was sitting in Reserach Methods class today. The professor in there is generally not well liked by the students but I have been holidng out simply because he did his undergrad at UC in criminal justice like myself.

Since I was a hold out and didn't join in to the general sentiment that this was a bad professor, and also because the professor talks to me about UC all the time, people kept saying to me "you're Velmer's girlfriend". I am in grad school. These are social workers. I am not enjoying this.

Today we had a 40 question quiz which got absolutely screwed up due to a "copying error" with the answer sheet. In the end we got 10 points free for his mistake. I actually felt pretty bad for the guy until later on.

After the quiz we were sitting in class taking notes on sperious relationships. I looked up from my notes to see him looking at me as he was talking. I slowly turned bright red. He ended the sentence with "you know this, what's a sperious relationship?" My hand was not raised. I did not want to answer this question and I really didn't want to talk. Luckily someone else chimed in and answered the question.

But then I started paying more attention, just looking up from time to time noticing he was looking at me. I was absolutely red. I'm sure if I were in sandals my feet would have been red. I was so embarrased and so completely stressed I just wanted him to stop looking at me. And then I began to notice that everyone else was noticing him looking at me which just increased my level of redness and anxiety.

I had this total out of body experience when I could see him looking at me and see the other studnets seeing him looking at me and then they would look at me. I wanted out of my own skin so bad it hurt at that moment.