Papers are fun (on opposite day)

I'm in the middle of my application to the University of Minnesota Master of Social Work Program. I have to do a formal writing sample about a current topic in social welfare and society's role in caring for individuals.

It's not a paper that writes itself. I'm not entirely convinced it's a paper that can be written at all. I'm stopping for the night, out of sheer frustration at the fact that I've only written 700 of the 1,500 words I was asked to write.

I'm also boycotting shoveling for the night. We got about an inch of snow, covered with ice pellets so who knows what the roads will look like tomorrow when I go to work. I'll find out though, because I have to get up and shovel the walks. It's the price I pay for being able to park my car in the garage so I'm ok with it.

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