MAF - week 3

I'm trying something new with pictures/graphs.  This is for me as much as anyone else.

Sunday: I thought this run felt great.  I was really disappointed with the pace when I saw it.  Sigh.

Monday: My first MAF test was sort of a success and sort of a fail.  I used the wrong program on my watch, but it was sort of the right program and it worked.  I hope I get faster because training at this pace really blows.

Tuesday: I'm even slower in the afternoon.  Sigh.

Wednesday: This run was going in the right direction.  A bit faster, a bit faster recovery after the hills.

Thursday:  I knew this was going to be a good run before I even started.  I headed out from the downtown gym because I wanted to see this with my own eyes before it's taken down.  From the vantage points on my running route, it doesn't look like art.  It straight up looks like a gallows.   WTF.

Friday: 1 mile run, nice and easy.

Saturday: This was a slower run, but I was actually really happy with it.  I know, that doesn't sound right.  It was 74* at 6am, so my plan was to really keep my heart rate on the lower side.  I didn't have a heart rate alarm on the hill by the golf course, nor the second hill between Hiawatha and Nokomis.  I did have an alarm on the 3rd hill (up to 48th) but I'd planned for that.  All in all, it was a solid run.

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