Flying Pig Half Marathon

Plan: Have fun!  A lot of work went into this.  Enjoy it! My A goal was to hold a 12:00/mile, and not to look at my pace on the climb.

Route: Did I ever tell you about the crazy climb in this race?  Because it's brutal.

Weather: Garmin says 41* and 7mph winds which was probably true at the race start. It probably ended closer to 50*.  The only sort of windy part was running along 7th street downtown.

Wardrobe: Corrals: Throw away pants, throw away flannel shirt, mylar blanket.  Race: Orange socks, Nike Shorts, my ally shirt, throw away quarter zip, sunglasses.  The sunglasses were very important.  We'll consider this the grumpy before picture.

Execution: Nailed it! I looked at my watch for pacing through the first 5-6 miles.  Once I got to the climb, I ran by feel.  I was pleased at how well I was able to keep myself moving.  After the top of the hill, I started looking at my mile splits again. 

Nutrition: In the first 6 miles of the race, I ate every mile.  After that it went to more like every 2 miles.  I took water whenever I wanted it.

  • I broke 2:35, which was faster than my A goal.  
  • I passed over 500 people between the half way and the finish.  (My goal is always around 500)
  • Excellent pacing and planning for me to have my last mile of the last race be my fastest.  
  • The last 0.2 miles were finished with a beer in my hand. 

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