(Not) Long Run Monday - Bad Decisions Were Made Here

Plan: I mean, get out the door and go for a run.  "Don't look at the watch" was really part of the plan too.  I'd had a rough weekend with allergies and sneezes, etc.  I just wanted to run.  I had a feeling I'd want to go fast and not care about heart rate.

Route: My Lake Hiawatha/Lake Nokomis route.  I did not take the long way home becuase of ice.  The hill between Hiawatha and Nokomis was glare ice on the path and almost glare ice on the grass.  Once was enough.
Weather: The was the iciest run I've done all year.  It's ridiculous to say that becuase the air temps were 35-40*, but the winds were 10-15mph.  Everything that had ever been a puddle was now a sheet of glare ice.

Wardrobe: Wool socks, unlined tights, a t-shirt and a quarter zip, and a headband.  That's all.  I was cold starting off, but as soon as I got moving I felt better.

Execution: I really didn't look at my watch until about mile 5, and then I was all "keep the heart rate somewhat under control" and "really cool down the last mile".  So this was more of a "I know I'm going too hard" kind of tempo run than a real, heart rate based tempo run.  I kind of tried to pay attention to heart rate at the end, but by then it was too late. Sigh. 

Nutrition: I took the unusual step of eating breakfast.  I'd been sick-ish all weekend and not had a ton to eat the past day or two.  I yogurt with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and a banana. 

Bonus: I had a good idea for a bonus but now I forgot it. In the mean time, have one of my favorite views of Lake Nokomis.  Looking over the lake at downtown.

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